If you are thinking of moving office premises what are the first two things you should be doing?

  1. Total Project Management from start to finish.
    You've made the decision to move premises but then what do you do? Project management
  2. Reducing the effort in finding the right premises to suit your exact needs.
    One of the initial key issues will be finding the right premises. Every company has its own set of requirements when it comes to finding those ideal premises. Finding premises

How would you like to move offices whilst someone else takes the strain?

Office Relocation is a series of many interlinked activities

If you have ever moved offices in the past you will know there are a myriad of things that can go wrong. Each process links to the next process so that if one aspect falls over this has a knock on effect which can really impact your business.

What's the secret to a successful relocation?

Checklists – a framework for success

MovingPremises.net takes into account all aspects of the moving process. These elements are driven by a series of comprehensive checklists. In addition, strong central project management is provided by MovingPremises.net. The two elements, comprehensive checklists and strong Project Management are the key to a successful relocation.

Advantages of this Approach

Using MovingPremises.net techniques means that you can make sure every aspect of the move is covered. We can also work with your Relocation Co-ordinator to reduce the impact on revenue to a minimum.

Planning the move with a comprehensive checklist and ensuring relevant resources are brought to bear at appropriate times during each activity is the key to success. It will mean that your relocation process will be trouble free and there will be no surprises you will have to face during the event itself. In addition, MovingPremises.net provides a seamless approach to the whole process, from initial engagement to the commencement of trading in your new premises. As the Move Co-ordinator you will be kept informed on the status of each stream of activity and what needs to take place ahead of time.

A comprehensive checklist becomes the vehicle that drives each event and each stream in a unique way that suits your company. All relevant aspects are covered so you don’t have to worry that an important element is going to be missed.

Complete guide to moving premises

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